Winsome Computer Media & Services has developed a Sales Crm lead management system tool along with tele-calling, SMS campaign management, E-Mail sending in a single software. Any company can hander its team with this tool. Main we have covered Lead/ Enquiry from the web site, manual entry, send instant sms/ Whatsapp/ E-Mail to the customer with a pre-defined template or can type own message as per customer discussion. All 3 departments can be managed from single software as follows: 1. Lead/ Enquiry Management, 2. Tele Calling Team, 3. Company-wise SMS & E-Mail Sending Sales Crm icici bank. We have tried to re-use contact for accessing the same customer from our tool for different products. Any company manages customer with work-wise.

Sales Crm Software

Sales Crm Software:-Lead management solutions vary in complexity. While there are some independent lead management tools, most are part of more comprehensive CRM or other sales process automation solutions. This makes sense, considering lead management is part of the overall sales process and, once your leads are identified as opportunities, it's a lot simpler for the sales staff if they can proceed without having to switch to a different application. This is especially important for smaller organizations in which a single employee might handle the entire process, or for larger organizations that have a policy of educating salespeople by moving them from one step of the sales process to another. On the other hand, if the employees who handle leads are usually kept in separate departments from those who complete the sales, then a separate lead management package could work.

customer relationship management

customer relationship management:-Dealing with the leads at the top of the funnel can be a difficult matter, especially for smaller businesses. A lead that expresses interest and then is neglected can be an opportunity lost. When you are a single salesperson dealing with dozens or even hundreds of leads, it is impossible to track and follow up on them without some help. That's where lead management is critical to the process.

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Lead Management

  • Lead / Enquiry from website
  • Manual Lead Entry
  • Lead Followup & Closing Status
  • Lead Movement to other users
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Lead Status
  • Conversion lead from telemarketing
  • Custom Templates
  • SMS, Whatsapp, E-Mail Communications
  • Prodcut Specification & Pricing Updation from back team
  • Lead Type - High, Normal, Recall
  • One Time Costing
  • Setup on own Domain & Database
  • Reports as per need
  • Contact Management


  • Unlimited Company
  • Unlimited Temeplates
  • Unlimited Data Uploads
  • Sending Unlimited SMS company wise
  • SMS Sending History
  • Unlimited Users
  • SMS Credit Management
  • Reports as per need
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